Optometrist training

UK Optometrist Training

Becoming an optometrist may not have been something you have previously considered, as it is a particularly specialised area of healthcare. It is not only concerned with the health of its customers, but due to the need for glasses and contact lenses, it is also concerned with the types and styles of glasses and contact lenses available. As such, it is not a particularly limiting profession, as there are lots of different roles and levels that can be achieved.

There are different types of a specialist within the eye health sector, of which optometry is often used as a blanket term for all of the roles played within the eye health sector. There can be more theoretical and scientific roles as well as more hands-on roles, so if you do decide to study optometry at some point you always have the ability to specialise at some point.

Despite the wide range of roles available, all optometrists are required to have a certain level of qualification behind them, as well as being experienced and specialised in a certain area that might help them to advance in their career. Many optometrists are also required to participate in frequent continuing education courses so that they can keep up to date with the current standards of care. If you are considering this option, then be aware that it involves just as much hard work as any other similar role, and that it is important that you want to specialise in this specific area of healthcare.