Ways to correct and fix bad teeth

Ways to correct and fix bad teeth

 Bad teeth can affect your confidence and have power over how you act in social situations.

For example, do you try to hide your smile? Or try to cover your teeth from being noticed?

Feeling self-conscious about our teeth is something we all go through, but due to modern advancements in the cosmetic dentistry field attaining the perfect smile just got a lot easier.

Dental implants for missing teeth

Dental implants are often required when someone has lost their teeth to gum disease, injury or accident, tooth decay or infection.

Losing a tooth can greatly affect your confidence and it can also greatly harm your oral health and hygiene. See more on how cosmetic dentistry can help boost your confidence

Did you know that tooth loss has been connected to 120 other conditions, such as kidney disease and diabetes?

The state of your oral health matters. That’s why dentists recommend that you fix the problem to prevent any conditions from growing or getting worse.

Across the UK, hundreds of practices offer innovative advanced treatment. Dental implants are the modern and popular choice for tooth replacement solutions. However, we recommend that when looking for an implantologist, it’s important that you choose the right, accredited clinic.

For example, Dorset Dental Implant Clinic is well-known throughout the South-West of England for their high-quality work in cosmetic dentistry in Dorset. It’s here that they carry out new and exciting treatments like All-on-Four, Teeth in a Day and Full Arch Implants.

Teeth whitening for discoloured teeth

 Whitening your teeth is the new and popular way to improve the aesthetics of your mouth easily and quickly.

It’s most people’s wishes to have brighter and whiter teeth and due to modern advancements in dentistry, this has been made more easy and accessible than ever before.

Teeth whitening is one of the most basic forms of cosmetic procedures with treatments and bleaching carried out at any local dentist office.

It’s important to know, however, that teeth whitening should only be performed once you have had teeth cleaning session with a hygienist. This is because for the best results tartar and plaque build-up need to be eliminated beforehand.


 One of the most requested treatments, veneers have been made a popular treatment choice by celebrities looking to perfect and achieve a Hollywood smile.

Manufactured from medical-grade ceramic, veneers are designed specifically for each patient so that they will be able to resemble and replicate normal teeth.

Veneers can look very realistic and natural and can fix many problems including gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, cracked enamel or discolouration.